12 Web Resources Intractable Pain Patients & Their Doctors Must See

5 Apr

by Heather Grace, IPJ Staff Writer

These are the tried and true dozen web resources that Intractable Pain Patients must see. More than that, these resources are so vital, patients are strongly encouraged to share them with their doctors, as well.

#1. OBJECTIVE SIGNS OF PAIN. If you show your physician anything, it must be this article, on the objective signs of severe pain, established in 2008. Pain, like any other disease, has diagnosable signs. I believe all physicians should see: http://pain-topics.org/pdf/Tennant-PainSigns.pdf.

#2. THE INTRACTABLE PAIN PATIENT’S HANDBOOK FOR SURVIVAL. The name says it all. Have Intractable Pain? This is a definite must! Is a loved one suffering with this illness? Get a glimpse into the life of an IP patient: http://www.thepainstore.com/IntractablePainSurvival.pdf.

Here are two related links, for a full set of ‘how-tos’ for the knowledgable patient:

#2A. What To Do While Looking For A Good Pain Doctor: http://www.thepainstore.com/LookingForGoodDoc.pdf.

#2B. Dr. Tennant’s Pain Control Guidelines: http://www.thepainstore.com/PainGuides.pdf — Four key handouts, provided to all Tennant patients.

THE REST OF THE SITES ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER–I couldn’t decide which was next best, I love them all! They are, however, divided into two areas; informative sites and doctor’s sites. Enjoy!


#3. American Pain Foundation: http://www.painfoundation.org. Also, don’t miss their advocacy area, the APF Action Network: http://www.apfactionnetwork.org.

#4. Intractable Pain Disease: http://www.intractablepaindisease.com — an authoratative source for Intractable Pain information, dedicated to the patient.

#5. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management: http://www.jpsmjournal.com.

#6. Practical Pain Management:
http://www.practicalpainmanagement.com. Medical professionals can get the print publication free: http://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/subscribe.

#7. The Pain Store–Articles:
http://www.thepainstore.com/articles.html. (Ok, this is my own site. Admittedly, I’m a little biased, but I have been compiling great links for years!)

#8. Pain Topics: http://www.pain-topics.org — a dynamo of timely information that impacts doctors and patients alike!


#9. The Late Dr. Joel S. Hochman’s sites:
http://jfshmd.blogspot.com and http://www.paincare.org

#10. Dr. Russell K. Portenoy’s site: http://www.stoppain.org.

#11. Dr. Steven Richeimer’s site: http://www.painlegal.com.

#12. Dr. Forest Tennant’s site:
http://www.foresttennant.com. Jam-packed with research… It doesn’t get better than 35+ years of dedication to Intractable Pain!

© 2011 Intractable Pain Journal & Heather Grace. All rights reserved.

5 Responses to “12 Web Resources Intractable Pain Patients & Their Doctors Must See”

  1. babsie1952 February 26, 2013 at 4:37 am #

    Thank you for including the late Dr. Hochman’s sites. I was lucky enough to be a patient of his and this man dedicated his life to his cause. I live today because of him.


    • thepainjournal March 15, 2014 at 1:59 am #

      Thanks BJ. I’m alive thanks to Dr. Tennant. So I know how you feel. I hope you’re well today. Have you seen some of the newest info on Pain/Hormones? Hormones going seriously awry explain why I’m just getting back to so many comments (ok, that and an old web browser that I hadn’t replaced causing havoc).

      Incidentally, if you want to check out the site that’s growing with info, see http://www.HormonesAndPainCare.com. Also, recently Dr. T explained that glial cells are very likely the cause of IP in most if not all of us. Chronic Pain becomes Intractable because of the hoards of glial cells becoming activated, producing inflammation along the spinal cord and in the brain. It’s a complex neurological process, but there’s a little info on it for us lay-persons at http://t.co/4sLntK99K2. 🙂 HG


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    • thepainjournal March 15, 2014 at 1:25 am #

      Thank you! Great tips! I have peeling dry skin on my face in the “LUPUS” zone. I’m sure this info will help me and others. 🙂


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