Intractable Pain Journal

Education & Support on the Disease of Pain

IPJ Mailing List

Want to be updated on IPJ articles, and/or pain events? Let us know *specifically* what your interests are, when it comes to Intractable Pain Journal and/or pain advocacy.


  1. We do not sell info to anyone–ever. It’ll stay in the hands of IPJ. Period!
  2. Tho mistakes can be made (we’re human!), we’ll make every possible effort to only send you info about your selected topic area(s).
  3. You can decide to just be updated and if you choose to, may become more involved in writing/advocacy in the future.
  4. Your participation in writing/advocacy is good for the pain community as a whole. Furthermore, we at IPJ both want and need more people interested in getting involved… It’s really important in these troubling times to get TRUTHFUL, relevant info out to the public–info that’s not about grabbing headlines by treating patients as addicts/liars/drug-seekers. And heck, working with IPJ’s a great thing to add to your resume too!

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