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About IPJ

The Intractable Pain Journal is dedicated to sufferers of severe, constant pain worldwide. If you are a patient, caregiver, loved one or medical professional, welcome! Just want to learn more about pain? We’re glad you’re here, too.

This site will provide articles and information to help everyone better understand pain, its treatment and what YOU can do to ensure better care for all pain sufferers.

We are now accepting submissions from guest authors in the pain community. Contact us for further information.

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4 thoughts on “About IPJ

  1. Good afternoon to all…What a true blessing to find this site. I, as many of you have lived with, through and in spite of “Intractable Pain.” For all who face the challenges imposed by Intractable Pain or “IP,” and those who love them, each day is unique all to itself

    Despite the physical challenges of IP, which without question can be overwhelming at times, IP has opened a new door with a new path. Not a path I would have chosen, however IP tested, strengthened, and humbled my faith, while not stealing my HOPE or JOY. Yes, I have a story & a journey filled with bumps, curves and valleys. As a RN for many years, always thriving to be the best and believing to have achieved a diverse, well rounded set of nursing skills….but…Did I ever receive an awakening when roles were reversed and nurse becomes “patient!”.No better teaching moment exists for a nurse, than to become a patient herself!!

    Fast forward to being diagnosised with IP. I always kept my health as confidental as possible for several reasons, primarily out of respect to my patients, not allowing my personal situation to distract from the vital “nurse-patient relationship.”

    Much more info available, however a quick summary:

    Following the hire of a new BULLY manager who preceded to take the next 16 months to research, expose, and sabotage my career and life’s calling. Projecting her ill conceived ideas (in spite of being a RN with a BSN) regarding the use of prescribed opioids on someone (i.e. me), with a diagnosis of IP, she moved forward with disgusting, dispecable, and “behind the scene” behaviors set on one thing…my absolutely beloved career…..

    However, fight on. Fight for justice for the dear patients, and all who remain productive members of society while living with IP. I would love any input.

    God Bless each of you!



    1. E.B.,
      I am a 46 yr old woman, and I intend on going through my Community College to become an R.N. I am writing an article for my ENG102 class, on us pain patients, and the CDC war on us. I would love to use your article, and any advice or further info you have for me. I can be reached at
      Rhonda White


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